The scribe for savvy palaeographers

Finally, a powerful software for managing ancient manuscripts.

Champollion 2.0, what is it?

Champollion 2.0 is a software that provides valuable help and comfort for all work on digitized ancient manuscripts.

Check the video here to get a quick preview.

Champollion 2.0 Workspace

Its main purpose is to set the picture of an ancient manuscript next to its transcription, horizontally or vertically, depending on your needs.

It offers a great set of tools for:

Champollion 2.0 has been designed with the constant concern of the best ergonomics: no need to be qualified in computing to be abble to exploit all the functionnalities.

For example, it is not necessary to care about the location nor the name of the file which contains your transcription: the software can take care of it without your intervention.


Champollion 2.0, what is it not?



It is not an automatic transcription program: automatic recognition of handwriting is under active research, but for the moment, no research has been able to reach the human expertise.

It is not genealogy software: it is not dedicated to the construction of family trees, but to work of analysis and transcription of ancient documents.



Champollion 2.0, how can I try it before buying?


Download and install Champollion 2.0. Just follow the wizzard setup on startup.

There is a tutorial about that here.



Champollion 2.0, what will it be?


Cooperative palaeography - Coming in 2018

  • Isolate reference and publish excerpts of your manuscripts (letter, word, abbreviation, phrase, expression, etc.) and make them available for the other users. In return take advantage of the investigations of the other users.
  • Build your own palaeographer reference with the excerpts you extract from the manuscripts you're working on.
  • Import or export a complete project: image(s) + annotations + text + informations. Send it to a given user, a group or share it with erveryone.


Greater versatility

  • Automatically number the lines of your manuscripts
  • Directly use documents available online
  • Work your transcriptions on several levels: letter-by-letter, modern language, translation from a foreign language.
  • Export your work to HTML and PDF format
  • Insert your transcription directly between the lines of your document.


Minimal configuration  Windows XP SP3 or later. 2 GB RAM, 100 Mb free space on hard drive. An internet connection is recommended for registering your license online, and  for mapping features.