Terms of use

Article 1

Purchasing a license for Champollion 2.0 gives you the right to install Champollion 2.0 on up to three computers all located at the same address.

Article 2

Purchasing a license for Champollion 2.0 gives you the right of a two years period of free udates. At the term of that two years period, you will be asked a financial participation in order to get the incoming updates.

Article 3

It is mandatory to request a license for each computer where Champollion 2.0 is installed. For that, go to the Help/Licence menu, fill in the form - remember to give the same mail address that you used to purchase the licence for Champollion 2.0 - then click on the "Request my license" button.

All the features of Champollion 2.0 will be enabled for up to ten days from your request.

Article 4

Once your licence purchased, expect from 1 to 3 days before getting your final licence. For security and technical purposes, it is not possible to send a license before it is requested, as mentionned in article 3

Once your final license is enabled, all the features of Champollion 2.0 will be permanently enabled.

Article 5

You will receive an E-Mail to confirm that your licence was sent to you.

Article 6

Champollion 2.0 automatically checks your license, a few seconds after its startup. If, due to firewall settings, or proxy settings or anti-virus settings, Champollion 2.0 is unable to communicate on internet, you will have to manually type the validation code you were sent by E-Mail.

Article 7

In case of malfunction or crash of the software, the user will be proposed to send a report incident. This report does not contain any personal datas, but only technical datas.

Article 8

In case of a fraud detected on a license, we reserve the right to remotely invalidate  the fraudulent license.

Article 9

Due to the virtual nature of the sold good, it is not possible to refund a license.

Article 10

Purchasing a license implies that you agree the terms of use, articles 1 to 10.